94' grand cherokee Laredo ignition switch

You know the place on the ignition switch where you turn it one more click and you can feel it spring back after you start the car? I’m getting no (spring)resistence at that point and no starter action either. I hear the fuel pump turn on and all the dash lights and electronics light up but there is not any starter activity, not even a click. Battery, 1 yr.old, has just been charged with same results. Car is not driven a lot.

think yours has a switch mounted on top of steering column that rod runs from your key switch to it (ign switch ) not key switch. look up over the brake pedal and you should see a switch about 5 inches long with maybe 10/12 wires on a flat plug going to it. last one i used was around 10 bucks i think. held on with 2 screws. then you have to move it back and forth until you get it strait.