94 ford taurus starting problems

When I start my car it will turn over but unless I hit the gas and keep my foot there it will die instantly. On the same day After I drive it for a short distance, I can turn it off and then come back and it will turn right over, without even touching the accelerator. The next day would be the same routine. But recently I’ve driven it, turned it off and then tried to turn it back on after a couple minutes and it won’t even turn over. I let it sit for an hour or more and try again and without fail it turns over but I have to hit the gas again to keep it from dying. What the heck is the problem?

I think that you have two problems. The first to crop up was and is the idle air control (IAC) valve. The second is something else. You have to check or lack of fuel (fuel pressure) or lack of spark.

When you say it won’t turn over do you mean the starter will not turn the engine? If this is the case is sounds like you also have a battery or starting system problem.