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Finally found problem! (I hope)

Just replaced the Idle Air Control Valve in my '04 Ford Taurus. Although we were experiencing ongoing problems mainly with starting, this may be the key. Here is the original discussion


We’ll know over the next week or so as I attempt to re-create the conditions under which the problem occurred. Thanks to all who commented on the original discussion!!

Do I get any stars if this does turn out to be the fix?

"Have you tried starting it with the gas pedal pushed about 1/2 way down and no starting fluid? If you haven’t, and it will start that way, then it is probably the idle air bypass valve starting to get stuck. Otherwise, it would be a fuel problem of some kind. "

You certainly do my friend!! If this is it, I will deliver them personally!!
Thank you… thank you… thank you.

Pray for cold weather. OOPS! Prayer answered.

Day 2… 32 degrees, snowy, didn’t touch gas pedal, turned the key… SHE FIRED RIGHT UP!

At the risk of boring you to tears…
Day 3, didn’t drive the car at all yesterday, very cold this morning, 25 degrees, snowy again, no gas pedal, turned the key, SHE FIRED RIGHT UP, idled up nicely, then after a few moments idled back to normal.

I guess I’ll give it a rest for now unless/until more trouble.

Once again Hellokit… thank you very much for all the help.
Take care,