94 Ford Ranger dashboard problems

Where do i begin troubleshooting a non-working dashboard light and internittently working blinkers on my 94 Ranger?


Related connections at the ignition switch, back of cluster, or the turn signal switch.
A worn ignition switch can affect dash lights.

At any time the mal-function is occuring, try wiggling the ignition key or the turn switch.

What about blown fuses? Hate to sound stupid, but i can’t tell if any of the fuses are blown. Also, is there a way to replace the dashlights without taking the dash apart completely? There has been some success with getting the blinkers to work again with a bit of wiggling-altho’ i’ve been wiggling the blinker itself. Maybe that caused some wiggle in the ignition, also. Obviously, I am trying the DIY repair approach b/c I’ve put all my available $ into a new alternator and brakes. Thanks for your help!