94 dodge van keeps shutting off

94 Dodge b250 V63.9l 70g miles, with Air- intermittent Electrical problem… Van shuts off after i hear a relay clicking quite loudly (inside the vehicle under the dash, not in the engine compartment) This problem comes and go’s… most of the time it runs perfect, starts real good, good engine power, but… when it is running, the lights in the vehicle flicker, Then when it starts to act up , the vehicle will start, but i have to baby the gas pedal to keep it running… it runs rough… then the relay clicking starts again under the dash… then the engine stops… I try to restart the vehicle, the relay clicks loudly ( just like a starter relay with a low battery sounds) Its a fast, loud clicking sound… If it does start, it feels like the engine timing is off… Runs real rough, engine bogs out when i give it gas… Then all of a sudden it will start like nothing is wrong at all. run great for a few days or months even… then it does the same thing again… My buddy, that I bought the van from, replaced the alternator, coil and crank shaft sensor… battery test shows 12 volts… Gas tank is 1/2 full but the gauge is always not right… If anyone has some good news please post or email me at david.bzm.ohio@gmail.com

thanks – Dave-Ohio

posted 02-15-08

Might be a breaker that is chattering. Get both a schematic and parts location drawings and look for what is likely to be making the noise. Then look for someplace that may be shorting out.

Try disconnecting battery for 30 minuutes to reset computer. Have you alternator checked.

Battery should read at least 12.5 although 12.6 is preferred. Try that resetting of the computer. If it works a couple of times, you could have a bad engine computer. I don’t really know anything about Dodge vans. The name comes from Tom & Ray. They test drove one and hoped that people would heed the instructions written on the front and not follow the instructions written on the back.