94 Buick PArk Avenue shutting off


OUr 94 Buick PArk Avenue shuts down, while driving, for no apparent reason. The alternator and battery have been checked and are OK. Driving along, about 35 mph, everything flashes and shuts off. We had a cheap battery and it was drained for some reason, so the car would not start after shutting down. We put a new battery in…and the car still stops and shuts down…but starts again. Will the new battery be drained? Is there a sensor or chip that’s bad? At one point, the spedometer stopped working for a few days, then started. What’s wrong with 94 Buicks? Thanks.


You need someone to check the cables and wires, which supply power. They should also check where ground wires and cables attach to the engine or car body, or transmission. Poor connections could be causing these problems.