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93 subaru impreza no crank no start

I have a 93 subaru impreza manual that when I turn the key on and push in the clutch it wont turn over. The coolant fans kick on and stay on and so i retrieved the codes and the coolant temp sensor was the dtc so I replaced the sensor and cleared the code but the fans still come on and the engine still does nothing. Also i can gear clicking noises throughout the engine compartment and dont know where its coming from. Thanks for any advice


you need to check with your multimeter or test light, if the starter solenoid is getting power when you turn the key to “run” position

Kind of sounds like your starter is failing

You’ll also want to see if your clutch switch is working correctly

How old is your battery?

New starter was put in and a new battery is it possibly a bad relay?

Take a meter and check that the starter is getting power. Could be the relay or fuse or you ignition switch.

db4690: Apparently OP has now replaced the starter and battery with no success. Cart before the horse that we see far to often. Yes. Clutch safety switch is also highly suspect and can be as simple as the floor mat being pushed forward physically preventing the clutch pedal from being fully depressed.

Ill test all those when i get home and ill report what i find thanks


OP mentioned the new starter and battery AFTER I asked him about it

I’m going to assume they were replaced before he started this discussion. Maybe he forgot to mention them, until I asked . . . ?

The trouble with the starter is most likely due to the safety switch. As far as the fans go it sounds like the TEST connectors under the dash have been connected together and not disconnected for the normal running mode.