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93 Nissan Maxima won't start

My son was driving our old 93 Nissan Maxima with 150k+ miles and the car just died. At the time he was very low on gas, so we put some in, but the car still won’t start. We had the battery checked and the battery is good. Maybe this has nothing to do with it, but a few days prior, a window rolled up/down by itself. Could this be electrical, or more likely starter/alternator? I don’t anything about cars and don’t want to get ripped off when I take the car to a shop.

Check to make sure there is a spark at one of the plugs. Also take off the oil fill cap and watch while the engine is cranked to see if the cam is turning. Squirt some starting fluid into the throttle body intake and see if the engine runs for a bit which would point you toward a continuing fuel problem.

Post back with the results of what you find.