93 Jeep Cherokee Front Wheel Oscillation

Between 50 and 55 mph if I hit an expansion joint the front wheels oscillate back and forth (if you’re looking at from outside the wheels are going left and right very fast) and won’t stop unless I slow down to 35 mph. If I’m under 50 and over 65 it doesn’t do it. I have new shocks, new front stabilizer bar, new steering box, the wheels balanced and every other front end part gone over and nothing has worked. My mechanics (listed here as 5 star) and the local Jeep dealership looked at it and no one has a clue as to what the cause could be. The problem has been evident for the past year or two, but has gotten worse lately. Interestingly, in the winter (I live in MN) it is not as bad. Help me because the engine is still going strong at 250K and I don’t have the money to get something else. Thanks.

Do you have exactly the same size tires that were on the car when it was new? Sometime changing tire size can cause suspension problems.

That’s called the Jeep death wobble.

Go to YouTube and enter that into their search engine and you’ll see examples of what can cause the Jeep death wobble.


You did not mention the steering damper. It acts, and looks, like a shock absorber mounted horizontally. I’ve replaced a couple of them on family JGCs and gotten rid of the issue both times.

I’d check your wheel balances. And, BOTH inside and outside weights of appropriate size for yaw/wobble as well as spin balance! Tires can have an off-center-line imbalance, as well as center-line! Sometimes, MUD clods (inboard of the wheel) can cause this, too! Ran into this once after driving a VW bus through some Mississippi mud!