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93 Civic DX not shifting please help

w months ago the speed ometer stopped working… I did not replace speed sensor right away because I don’t really drive the car often. Drove about 2 miles down the road to the store and the car wouldn’t start. Look under the hood and some genius had apparently replaced the starter at some point and didn’t bother to use both mounting bolts so the weight of the starter caused the bracket to break, the battery cable terminal landed on the transmission cooling line causing a hole. Replaced the cooling line immediately and topped off ATF. My daily was in the shop so I drove the Honda to work (again speed ometer only thing not working at this time) drove fine no hesitation in shifting, idling, no weird smells, ran great. On the way home that night I’m on the highway (it’s 65 mph zone I’m following speed of traffic) suddenly it was like I threw the car in first gear so I pull over immediately and search for signs. No leaks, smells, smoke etc and I was about 2 miles from home so I restart the car and it will not upshift at all. I tried putting it in 1,2,3 instead of drive and upshifting manually still no luck. So I limped home keeping the rpms as low as possible to avoid more damage. Taking advice from hours of research I’ve so far Replaced the speed sensor, replaced the shift control solenoid, cleaned all connectors in the process, changed fluid and still having same issue. The car will go in park fine, reverse fine just will not shift up. I’ve done hours of research and cannot seem to find any answers for this issue that I haven’t tried already( I mentioned cooling line and speed sensor in case they have any relevance to this issue) The check engine light used to come on when the speed sensor was out but now it does not otherwise I would check for codes so I’m not sure what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Car is 93 Civic dx coupe (Canadian version)

How many miles are on this 26 year old transmission ?
Before this current problem, how many miles ago was it serviced ? fluid and filter.
How many times has it had the fluid and filters changed in it’s lifetime ?

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When you “topped up” the fluid, did you use Honda specific fluid?

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Did you try changing the transmission filter?