92 VW Cabriolet braking system

Have a 92 Cabriolet with brake failure.

Soft brake pedal so replaced front pads & rear shoes. When bleeding system no fluid from rear drivers & front passengers. Replaced master cylider. Re-bled system, insequence, still no fluid front passenger side. When brakes are applied front wheels stop & rear passenger will stop and brake light is on. Rear drivers side turns freely. Any help out there?

Bleed the brake master cylinder. Many new ones come with the curving tubes to do the bleed with.
Brake hoses, at the wheels, which swell under brake applied pressure, will cause a soft pedal. Air, and leaking seals, will do that, also.
The hoses can actually be observed swelling if you watch them as someone presses the brake pedal.
The brake hoses are old enough for internal deterioration to have taken place. This deterioration can cause the brake fluid to be blocked. The repair is to replace the brake hose(s).