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'92 VW Cabriolet- battery dead after car sits over the weekend

I love my '92 Cabriolet but if it sits for more than a couple of days the battery will be so dead the car won’t start.

I have had the problem checked by a mechanic and they didn’t seem to find the problem, saying that there was no parasitic draw.

I have replaced the alternator twice and the battery 3 times now over the last couple of years. No change.

Any ideas, anyone else with a Cabriolet having the same problem?

I would really appreciate some help with this problem as it is extremely frustrating!

If the charging system WAS operating properly you wouldn’t have had to replace the alternator twice and the battery three times in two years.

Take the vehicle to a reputable independent or an auto electric shop and have the charging system completely checked and tested with all the components IN the vehicle.

No bench testing, as this eliminates possible bad ground connections and/or cables.

This system has to include possible faults within the ignition system as well.