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89 vw cabriolet

i have a 89 cabriolet and i had a mechanic fix it he remove a rotten piece of pipe from the back seat i guess it was the fuel pump (i don’t know nothing about Volkswagens)and it work after two years of not being in use but then it turned off and doesn’t turn back on i thought it needed gas but i put gas and still nothing can anyone help me? please

This is a great little ugly car but I think two years of non-use (if I understand you) may have done it in. Try replacing the battery with one that is strong and has been reguraly charged. I think that will do it.

There can be a lot of issues likely with a car that has been stored for two years, especially if it was not prepped for that long storage. You may need the tank emptied and cleaned, new pump etc. Don’t focus on what I or someone else suggest. The possible problems are many and your best options are a good mechanic or dumping the car. It may cost more to get it running properly than it is worth.

Well the person who had it stored was a mechanic and kept it in good condition I was driving it for a while which. Makes me think that there isn’t really a big problem