'92 Toyota Paseo - keep it or heap it?

My '92 Toyota Paseo has A/T, 150k, timing belt was replaced at 60k and we haven’t done the second one.

The last time I drove it, it began idling at very low rpms - 400-500, and the idling was very rough. This has never happened to me before. I started the car later when the engine was cold, and the car initially idled much smoother than it has been recently, but once it warmed up this violent low idling came back.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

I also recently learned that the radiator is leaking onto the heater core (I think…antifreeze coming out of the defrost system) so any more expensive problems and this one is definitely going in the heap pile.

This type of idling problem has a number of possible causes…none of them serious. But it does need to be looked at to determine cause.

The heater core IS a little radiator. Except instead of the heat going into the outside air it’s sent into the passenger cabin. Yeah, its ounds like it’s leaking. Again, this is not a serious problem.

And your timing belt is overdue.

I always liked the Paseo. Why would you want to dump it?