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92 Protege check engine light and sputters. Thermoswitch?

I drive a 1992 Mazda Protege. Recently had an oil change and put in new air filter. Recently the check engine light has been coming on. Sometimes it will run rough and sputter a bit when the light flips on and then runs normal after the light flips off, sometimes it seems to run fine when the light comes on, but the light does go off and the car runs fine after it has been running for a few minutes. Shortly before I had my air filter and oil changed I did have an incident at a stop light where the car died and did not restart for a full five minutes, at which point it sputtered for a bit and then got me home.

I took into the local mazda service center and dealer (they were the only ones who had the right kind of connector to pull the error of a car this old), and they said the only code coming up was a p69 which indicated a bad thermoswitch. This according to them is a $200 repair. I have already paid for it but the parts won’t be in until Saturday. I have until then to cancel the repair and just pay restock and the original diagnostic fees.

Should I go through with this repair, or do the symptoms described indicate something else? Thanks in advance.

I think I’d trust them on this one.

It may be something else, but a $200 repair as suggested is well worth the gamble.