2005 Mazda 3 SP2.3 Repairs HELP!

After a routine “Check Engine” Light check: I was told that the thermometer/temperature gauge in my car needed to be replaced. This is fine except the total repair cost came out to around $450-500!! Is this correct?

You have two different systems in your car mixed. You need to go back and get the correct wording. And, give more details of the car’s problems. You could even give the trouble code, such as P0310. I would help bunches.

okay so I called the dealership, and i was told that the engine thermometer was the part that needed replacing. As for the “trouble code”, i couldn’t get anymore info from him. I’ll do some independent research to see if i can get this info for you. Thanks for the help!!

okay so i did some research and if found these two error codes commonly associated with what the dealer described to me: P0128 and P0126, from what i can figure out between the dealer and my research is that the thermostat is stuck open.

That is a big number for a stuck thermo. Even if it is a bad sensor. Look for a qualified independent shop and get a quote.