'92 Nissan Stanza

I’ve only had this car a short time–since late September. It runs beautifully for a car with 112000 miles–a bit of a gas hog, but there are way worse, new cars, out there. Anyway, randomly, without notice, when I attempt to start it, it’s simply dead.The dashboard lights all illuminate, but nothing cranks. New battery, alternator tests perfectly. I wait a minute at most, and it starts right up. Again, this is a random phenomenon, and days can pass without it happening; on other days–for example, when I have 6 or 7 errands to run–it will do this 6 or 7 times. My mechanic theorizes it’s the distributor, but he cannot replicate the problem because–naturally!–it works like a dream when he has it. No other problems with the car-when I bought it from a trusted friend, it got a complete tune-up, new battery, fluid and filter changes, et al. Can anyone out there help? Thanks so much,


“nothing cranks… My mechanic theorizes it’s the distributor,”

Get a new mechanic. If the distributor is out it may not start, but the engine will crank.

I would look at the ignition switch or lock out (the gizmo that keeps it from starting unless you are in park.

Thanks, Joseph! Your response saved me several hundred dollars. Have Happy Holidays! Thanks again–Tom