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92 Mazda Miata, please help!


I need advice please. Is 2800 too much for a 92 mazda miata sunburst yellow? 160K and in good condition in and out.

Please help. I like the car, but I’m hesitant about the price.

Thank you should help you appraise the car a bit

If it has service records, passes a PPI, and needs no work it could be an OK deal. Yellow was a pretty rare color and only offered in one or two years. Whether that is worth more is up to you. If you live in snow country, this is the time to buy a Miata and prices are negotiable.

Thank you Guys for taking the time to respond. I bought the car for 2800. It was a bad deal as I did not notice an evident rear collision which was poorly repaired. The truck does not close well and the license plate panel is loose. It was an obvious defect which I should have noticed. Shame on the seller for not telling me, but I take responsibility for not having done my proper due diligence. Lesson learned. I’m in CA.

Thank you

I’m sorry to hear that. At least this may help others to learn why we always recommend a pre-purchase inspection here.

Even when buying from your local priest, rabbi, iman or whatever your denomination is, always, always get a pre-purchase agreement. It could save you your savings!

I meant to say “pre-purchase inspection”

Sorry to hear of it. Oh well. We all live and learn. I’ve made a few bonehead purchases myself over the years. (Don’t EVEN get me started about a certain '78 Mercury Monarch I bought during a fit of stupidity.)

Might as well put the top down and enjoy. At least if it’s hit or whatever, it won’t be such a tragedy.

Thanks for the kind words DrRocket. I will make sure to make this a learning experience.

At that age, it’s much more about the condition of the car. It could be a great deal if it were really babied, pristine with a great bod, which I have always thought is the most important thing to look for…in cars. Check under and make sure there is no rust from the damage. If the car continues to run well for just a few more years with no rusting, it was a good deal. $2800 isn’t that much ! Hang in there and take good care of it. It could still turn out to be a good buy. Google how to rust proof your own car if you think it might be a problem. Stretch the ownership out and don’t grow any taller then 6’2".

Thank you Dagosa.

I will do my best to keep in running for a couple years. And you are right the lemon could have been a lot more expensive than 2800. I’ll make sure to stay under 6’2"

In addition to staying under 6’2", I will also advise you to stay under 200 pounds. I’m around 6’ and 260 and do not enjoy spending very much time in a Miata. They are very fun to drive, but too narrow for a wide load like myself.

recommendation noted down. :slight_smile: Thanks Mark. Talking about my bad experience helps a bit.

A friend bought a Miata as a “fun” car and nearly broke his back. He is overweight and not terribly fit. He ended up trading it for a Mazda3 Speed, which has a higher seating position and in almost as much fun to drive.

I wonder what did you do with the Sunbust Miata? still have it? I have four (4) of those and love them. I still look for the 5th with yellow sunbust (OEM) or will repaint one of mine to yellow. Miata is SOOO easy to work on.

hi seaters, i returned the car to seller. the car did not pass the smog inspection in CA. the car had structural damage to the rear, the seller did not disclose it. it was well hidden only found by a body shop. one of the cylinder is almost gone, pressure at idle is only 55. and was only getting about 15miles per gallon. the body of the car looked great, the rear damage was not visible at all to someone like me who has absolutely zero car knowledge. the engine, on the other hand, independent mechanics have said the car needs around 2k in repairs to get it to pass the CA smog inspection.

Gonna try to get another one? If you can find one that’s actually been cared for, they’re terrific cars.

Yes, I will keep looking, except this time I will do my due diligence before handing over the cash. this broken one drove quite nicely. I can only imagine how awesome one in good condition can be.

Hi MarioGar, you did a right thing. Next time you should take your mechanic friend along and check the CARFAX