'92 Isuzu Pick Up


I would like to know if the pick-up in question uses a timing belt or a timing chain. If it breaks, is it real obvious or does it have to be diagnosed by a real mechanic? Help.


I don’t know it has a belt or a chain, but if it breaks, the Pick-up won’t even start.


Let me rephrase that question. The pick up does not start. How do I know if the problem is a broken belt? It has plenty of spark to the plugs; plenty of gas. The gas pump works, the gas filter is new, so, is the belt the next obvious item?


Here’s a simple test…Remove one of the plugs. While someone is trying to start the engine…put your finger over the spark-plug hole. You should feel a LOT of preasure trying to push your finger out. If not then engine has LOST compression and is probably a belt/chain.

Isuzu had several engines for that vehicle. Which one do you have??? A lot easier to help you if we know what engine is in there.


The engine is a 2.6 four banger.