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92 Cutlass Ciera

Whenever it rains or snows my car wont start in order to get it started it takes about an hour of trying by that time I have to have it hooked up to jumper cables anyone have any simular problems or kind of an idea of what may be the problem

99.997% of the time that’s caused by moisture in the ignition system. In a 1992 it could be moisture in the distributor, moisture in the coil (they can develop minute cracks in the case), or simply old ignition wires allowing moisture in to create places for the current to go to ground without having to jump that nasty spark plug gap.

Whens was the last time you had a complete tuneup?

It has had this problem for awhile but I was always able to get it started. I just had the starter replaced and one of the ignition coils but the ignition coil was one that he had laying around the shop. Right after that is when it started being a real problem with it not starting without putting about an hour into starting it and having to get a jump. So I replaced the ignition coil that he had changed and im still running into the same problem. But as for a complete tuneup it has been awhile.

I agree, it’s probably in the ignition system. This system doesn’t have a distributor, it has a DIS ignition system.

Look closely at the ignition wires, that’s probably where the problem is. Try spraying the wires with some water, if they are defective you will notice a snapping sound or even see them arcing out to ground.

If this is what you find, replace the ignition wires.

If it is the ignition wires would the starter still try to kick over though?