92 Ciera Code 27


Car is 92 Olds Ciera, 3.3- belongs to sister, 40 miles away- went to school, time to leave, no start- no crank, no sound from solenoid- battery good, lights etc. work.

she pulled a code 27- “throttle switch open or 2nd gear switch”.

What would the ‘second gear switch’ be refering to? Is the tranny stuck in second gear and preventing the car from starting? (safty neutral switch)

If so, is there a way to get it out of second in order to start the car and get it to repair area?

Thank you


Code 27?

I may be wrong, but I always thought the codes started with a P0—.


car is a 92- OBD I- codes flash in dash ‘service eng light’


You are right. It is about switches in the transmission. Very luckily, I found the troubleshooting charts for the car. Go to; www.autozone.com. Click on: Manage My Vehicles; Add a Vehicle. Input year, make, model, engine. Click on Repair Info; Vehicle Repair Guides; Driveability & Emissions Controls; Multi-port Fuel Injection. Scroll down to Fig 30 through Fig 35a. As the chart shows, check the wiring and connector on the transmission, etc.


hellokit- thank you for that information-


Someone who responds! Give yourself a GOLD star! The autozone website is rather finicky. You have to input everything just right. Input this: www.autozone.com > Manage My Vehicles > Remove > Add a Vehicle > Year > Make > Model > engine size (3.3L) > Repair Info > Vehicle Repair Guides >Driveability & Emissions Controls > Multi-port Fuel Injection > scroll down to Fig 30 through Fig 36a. The Fig can be printed. Click on the figure. Click the size control (the box beside the red X) in the upper right hand on your screen. Right click your mouse to bring up your printer control. Enjoy! [You might decide to send this critter to a repair shop. It’s not simple.]