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92 Accord starting misfire

I have a 92 Accord that will have a misfire when I start it up. I give it some gas and the misfire goes away and the car runs perfectly after that. It has new plugs and wires. The only possibility I can think of is the oil that is in the spark plug holes, around the top of the plugs where the wire connects. Could the oil in there be disrupting the electrical current and causing the misfire? Also, sometimes it starts up fine with no misfire, so it is inconsistent. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Does the misfire occur on damp days moreso than dry ones?

If there is oil in the plug holes the valve cover gasket must be leaking.

Dry or wet, it doesn’t matter. Yes, I need to fix the oil issue. I just am not sure if maybe that is causing the misfire.

Why not change the distributor cap and rotor?

Yea, you need to fix the oil leak anyway, so why not start there?