29,000 miles pontiac sunfire 1999 and spark plugs soaked in oil

What can I do??

You clean the plugs and the condition returns?

Engine missfire?

Check engine light on?

Engine smokes after inital start-up?

Excessive oil loss? (how much per mile)?

Oh Yeah, outside of the plug or inside?

Which part of the plug is soaked in oil?/

Are you talking about the top where it connects to the wire…or the electrode (the part that fires igniting the gas/air???

Two different solutions depending on how you answered this question.

The oil is in the upper part. (the ceramic one). No engine misfire, no engine light on. white smoke when starting car…(every 2 weeks) this smoke is just for about 30 seconds after that a small “puddle?” of water appears under the muffler. I have not noticed a big oil loss (was not checking too much either)

The oil is comming from a source above the plug.
I am thinking leaking valve cover gasket.

That’s what I think too. Oil on top of plug is usually the valve cover gasket.

But the car only have 29,000 miles!..That gasket will fail so soon?

The car also has 10 years. Things will start to decay.

You should be happy that the repair is so minor.

ok thanks you all!

Part of the reason it’s failing is because it’s obviously not driven much. Gaskets tend to dry out and shrink over time.