1992 honda accord shifting problem

Hello, I need help with this:

My Automatic Transmisison 1992 Honda Accord’s D4 light is blinking and wont shift into gear. I have to manually shift from 1 to 2 to D3 and D4, but the catch is that D1 and D4 gear don’t work. I’m driving a car that only has two gears, D2 and D3. I replaced the TCU computer to try to see if that would work, and did for a day. I was so happy! Then it acted up again.

I was told that the TCU module will work if it is for a 1992-93 accord. And yes, the TCU model # that replaced the original was different. What if I try getting the exact same model that I have now?

What else should I do to get my car running normal?

Help! What do I do?

You must have the exact same model number for the TCU. The difference is whether the vehicle is an LX, DX, or EX model.


Sounds to me like your tranny needs to be rebuilt/ replaced. Then again, thats what they told us when my '93 accord had issues shifting into gear and its been fine ever since we had the tranny fluid replaced. But the issues my car had were very mild compared to yours. You might also consider finding a used tranny from a salvage yard.