91' Toyota LC 3fe overheating

I have a new top end, thermostat, and water pump. Also flushed cooling system and still over heating. Timing is good, I also have new egr system and pcv. motor runs smooth but as soon as you go up a hill it overheats. Help i am out of money now and need this solved asap

Use a infrared thermometer on the radiator when the car is warmed up to see if it has cool spots that would indicate a plugged radiator. What do you mean “new top end”?

Sounds like you have air in your cooling system. Make sure the radiator is full of coolant.

New top end means new head, valves and guides and all, also new fuel injectors, coolant hoses and yes the raditor is full.

Like Oldtimer 11, I also think the radiator may need to be replaced. If it has never been replaced you will most likely find it is plugged.

People almost never answer, when they are asked, “Why do you think it is overheating?”; So, I won’t ask that question.
Are the radiator fans coming on when it “overheats”, or before?
Have you double-checked the direction the thermostat is installed in?
Do you have the repair manual, and are you following the troubleshooting guide in it for an “overheating” condition?

Check to make sure that new head gasket is sealed: Check for hydrocarbons coming from the coolant, leakdown test, etc.

The fan and fan clutch are fairly new and in good working condition. The thermostat is brand new and factory toyota part and yes it is facing the right way. The head and everything was done by a great toyota mechanic’s shop and all the smaller stuff was done by me and I do have a manual and I have also gone through the whole troubleshooting section many times. Thanks for the replies