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91 Subaru Legacy

Where the heck is the gas cap release. Just bought it to get back home as the jeep needs broken motor mount fixed and had to leave it in town. The subaru is pretty beat up so the gas cap release could be hiding (as in handle gone) ?

I found it. Thanks…and yes the handle was missing. AWD she holds the road like shes on rails

Congratulations. You’re feeling the Subaru experience.

Ive always believed in subaru… never owned one. she has 233945 miles and runs strong. My guess is she wasnt maintained which says a bunch. Shes all beat up missing parts ect ect but runs strong. Where the fuel filter on this rig? Thanks s

In view of what you have told us, you REALLY need to buy a service/repair manual for this car.

There are many parts of a Subaru that are considerably different from other makes, and if you are not familiar with the workings of this old, poorly-maintained, high-mileage car, you are going to become very frustrated very quickly if you don’t have a service manual to refer to.

Thanks Driver i work on that