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91 Honda Electrical Problem

Have a 91 Honda Accord (automatic) with seems to be an electrical problem.
After driving a while the Tac, Speedometer stop working and the radio cuts in and out.
The car still runs, just a little rougher; when I turn it off it won’t start, acts like the battery is dead.
After it sits overnight it starts and then runs fine for a while or until it happens all over again.
Does anyone have an idea as to what’s going on?

It sounds like the charging system has a problem, possibly after it warms up. Have a shop check that out along with the battery condition. Clean the battery connections and make sure the fan belt is tight on the alternator. Also check the alternator connections for any trouble.

And check your engine grounds. Hondas of that era got REALLY pissed off if any of the engine grounds weren’t in good shape. All sorts of bizarre behavior could result, and one that old is likely to have corroded wires.