91' Honda Accord Starting problems

Hi, I have a 91’ Honda Accord and on really hot days it will have problems starting. Usually if I wait 5 minutes it will start, but today it took a whole hour. It just won’t turn over, and sometimes if it does it will crap out again. It finally started after sitting in the shade for about 10 minutes. Any ideas?

When you say it won’t turn over that normally means the starter isn’t working and won’t turn the engine. Is that what you mean here?

I apologize for not being clear, it will chug like it wants to start and sometimes will start for a second and then die.

Your Honda has been sitting in the sun, for a while. Put your right hand on top of the dash to the right of the steering wheel. HOT, isn’t it!? Below your hand, about an inch, on the underside of the dash top, is the PGM-FI relay which controls power to the fuel injectors and the fuel pump. When this relay gets hot, it can cut power (12 volts) to the fuel pump and fuel injectors.
As the PGM-FI relay cools (when the windows and doors are opened), it, again, begins to send power where needed. The usual practice is to replace the PGM-FI relay.