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91 Deville pulling to right after trans fluid/filter change

I jacked up just the driver’s side to change my trans filter, used a pivot point for the suspension, no problems, but now it pulls fairly strongly to the right. What did I do, and how do I fix it?

What pivot point did you use? The front jacking point is usually just behind the front wheel at the bottom of the rocker panel.

That’s where I was, Rod. I didn’t jack at the frame there (which is weak), but at what looks like a control arm pivot point. I raised it maybe 8-10 inches I suppose.

Problem solved. Les Schwab found my left front tire was seriously separated. Why it seemed fine till I jacked up that side I have no idea, nor did the tire man. But putting the spare in its place eliminated the pull.

Glad it was the tire because I was going to suggest mayber your front frame member body mounts were rusted out which would essentially total the car.