91 Civic starting problems

Here I am trying to fix my own car again. I just changed the engine and boy is it better! I am getting ten more miles per gallon. Yeah Suadi’s, that’s right! that’s the Civic dawg on ya! Ha, ha.

But there are two things. Now the water temperature dosn’t register. I switched my sensor over to the new motor and hooked it up(three times!). and something else.

Many times if I just shut it down for only a few minutes it will not start. But let it rest and it does.

Anyone care to tackle this?

Since I don’t know your Honda I can say that the same temp sensor may also be telling the engine management system that the car cold all the time. What happens when you try a warm start, no crank or crank and no start?

91 civic 5 sp. 1.5L w/two injectors. It is warm when it does this. I’ve even had someone push it, no dice. But after a few minutes it starts.

I’m incline dto agree with Beads on this one. It’s possible that the leads to the sensor became broken when you moved it or that it isn’t grounded well. A Haynes manual should give you instructions to check the sensor. You’ll need a multimeter.