91 Chevy S10

I have a 1991 chevy s10 4.3 auto 2wd and just all of a sudden it decided to start idling poorly or dieing(after a couple of minutes when it decides to start, now i know its not the fuel pump and i changed the idle air control valve without change and also new map sensor without change but when you try to drive it, it just falls on its face barely able to get 25-30 does anybody know what else it could be


Chevy man

Try pricing a new computer. It isn’t Vista but it could be too old to work anymore. I Don’t really know.

You might want to have the fuel system pressure tested.

The fuel system in your vehicle is a high pressure system. It should read something like 63 PSI. That’s because the fuel pressure is what causes the poppet valves in the fuel injectors to open up and inject fuel into the engine. If the fuel pressure is too low, there’s not enough pressure to force open the poppet valves completely to inject the proper amount of fuel into the engine. This can result in hard starting, rough idle, and no power from the engine when it’s demanded.


my 96 2.2 started acting similarly with an exaust smell at 160k miles. It was a partially blocked cat. replaced cat, good as new.