91' Camry, flashing lights?


I recently purchased a used 1991 toyota camry in a private sale. I needed to buy a car quickly for a job I just got and I wanted something reliable, such as a Toyota. I have a couple little problems I had questions about.

First, there is the flashing lights…whenever the doors are opened, the car is on, or driving, the running lights (the little lights at the corners), as well as all of the interior lights, flash constantly and rhythmically. It’s almost as if the alarm is going off, but there’s no sound. WHATS GOING ON?? I just want to deactivate it because I’m afraid that the cops will see a car with the warning lights flashing and pull me over.

Also, the shifting is a little clunky. It’s an automatic and it shifts a little rough, especially into reverse. How can I remedy this?

If you guys can solve this one, I’ll be eternally grateful :slight_smile: I’ve already spent $400 dollars on this car and I just want it to work!


Hopefully you got a remote door opener with the car. Try unlocking the doors with it to stop the lights flashing.

Did you buy the car this way, or did this start after you bought it?

When you say the interior lights flash, do you mean the dashboard warning lights or the lights that comes on when you open the door?

Is there an aftermarket alarm of some sort on the car? That’s the only way I can make a connection between the outside lights and the inside lights.

I’d try having the transmission fluid replaced and see if it helps the shifting.

Hey, didn’t get a remote with the car. Don’t even know if it had one to begin with :confused: Tried unlocking, didn’t work, thanks though!

The car was this way when I bought it, but it was in the daytime, so I didn’t notice.

No, not the dash lights, the lights on everything else, like on the four outside corner running lights, the glove box light, the lights on the A/C knobs, on the various buttons on the center console, etc. No aftermarket alarm that I can see.

I’ve found a quasi-solution; If I turn on the headlights, the ‘clicking’ sound of the circuit is still there, but the lights on the outside stop flashing (so at least I won’t get pulled over). I want to try and disable the alarm circuit by pulling out the fuse but I can’t find the right one. Is it the fuse box under the steering wheel?

I’ll try the transmission fluid and see if that helps. Let me know your opinions to these further queries, thanks!

By the way, is there a way I can replace the tranny fluid myself (or even top it off) or is that something a mechanic should do?

Sounds to me like there’s a bad relay somewhere, clicking on and off. If you can follow the click with your ears you may be able to locate the relay.

There may not be an alarm on this car. I don’t know if Camrys offered alarms in 1991.

Do you have the owner’s manual? It would probably tell you about the alarm, if any, and would show you where the fuses are. There are probably two fuse boxes, one under the dash and one under the hood.

You can top off the transmission fluid by pouring it down the transmission dip stick tube. You’ll need a funnel and patience.

Yes, you can change your own transmission fluid, but I’d want a service manual of some kind to explain the proper technique.

You are most likely going to have to purchase a remote key fob for the car so you can stop the flashing. Ebay is a good source for them.