91 buick century stalls out


I have a 1991 Buick Centuty that stalls out at times. It’s been going on for a while. It use to be that when I was applying the brakes to slow down that it would stall out. Now it is where I can crank it, with a little gas, and as soon as I take my foot off the gas, it dies. But then there are other times that the car will do just fine with no probems on the start-up, or the trip.

At times when it does die after slowing down, the engine will shutter and then die, and sometimes it will even shutter but then kick back into normal operation.

I was talking about this to a couple of guys at work and we ended up unplugging the TCC… which we thought was the culprit… it was not, as it still happens. I took it to the shop the other day, and they said they thought it was good to go. We got there and they could not get it started. They said give them a bit longer. We then called the shop and they said it was good to go. We went to go pick it up, as it was just parked since the shop was closed, and I cranked it up and it died on me. They said all they had to do was clean out my throttle body, but apparently that did nothing. Can anyone here provide any suggestions?


It would be interesting to make sure you are getting spark when it is having these problems.

However I think it is a fuel problem. When was the last time the fuel filter was changed?

Does it do it more often when going up hills or facing up hill? 

Has anyone done a pressure and volume test of the fuel pump?


I don’t really notice it happening more when going up hill or not, but then again… I kind of think it does, because it has shut down when I have put it into reverse and had to go up a slight incline. And I do not know if I have had the fuel filter changed. I am going to the shop in the morning and ask them about this, thank you.