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90 Honda Civic

My 90 Honda SI starts great in winter but is hard to start in summer when the temperature

gets over 80 degrees or so. It’s been doing this for several years now. One mechanic said something about a fuse problem. Just BS?

If it was a fuse, why has it not just been replaced? You have a few months to think about it, but I would consider a new mechanic.

One thing that can cause this is a defective fuel pump relay. The Honda fuel pump relays have a history of their solder joints cracking. And they become effected by temperature. When the interior gets hot the engine won’t start. When the interior is cool, the engine starts.

This relay is located behind the dash, above the drivers left knee.


The relay Tester refers to has been cited over and over again by the Honda techs that regularly post here as the #1 cause of hot weather starting problems on Hondas.

Ditto to his post.