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90 A140E transaxle issue

I have what I surmise is a direct clutch engagement issue.

It takes (literally) 3 or MINUTES to engage reverse. And obviously the 2 -3 shift is slow also.

It acts like there is a restriction in the passage to the direct piston.

I rebuilt about 5 years ago, so am familiar with the teardown.

Have you done a line pressure check in reverse and when the direct clutch is engaging? There is probably a restrictor in the separator plate which would limit the fluid build up in the direct clutch. IIRC, there is also an accumulator in parallel with the clutch.

Since you have had the valve body off previously, I would remove it; inspect the separator plate; inspect the direct accumulator; and do an air pressure check on the direct clutch piston seals. At the same time you could look at the debris in the pan; replace the filter; and refill with new fluid.

The fact that reverse has taken 3 minutes to engage and the 2-3 shift has been slipping indicates that even if you correct the pressure problem, the friction material on the drive plates will be worn so you might be looking at another rebuild. At this time make sure that the piston seals are renewed and do a pressure check on all the clutches in the build up.

Good luck on this. Please post back with your progress on this.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll let you know what I find, now that the weather is tolerable.

It’s been this way for about 4 months. I’ve become an expert at parking such that I can either drive through or roll back.