9 year old tiburon with starting troubles

Hi All,
My 2006 Tiburon has run 70,000+ Kms and was running without any major issues till last week. Last week, it started to show starting issues. When checked, I found a cracked radiator and replaced it immediately. It solved the start up issues for the time, but the issue came back after a few weeks. My wife’s 2000 Corolla also changed radiator recently, but the issue didn’t appear so far. Any idea about what can be the issue? Any suggestions to help me diagnose the issue or should I give it to our car mechanic to find out the issue?

i’m not sure if we should flag this as spam or not. Most posters don’t advertise their mechanic on this site.

You don’t list the issue with the wife’s 2000 corolla. Why was the radiator replaced.

As far as the Tiburon goes. I think you blew a head gasket and the engine gasses and pressure entered the coolant system and the pressure cracked the radiator.
This would also answer why you are having starting issues. I would have it checked ASAP. If you let it be, it will blow this radiator in short order.


@Yosemite, I wasn’t sure about the spam issue, so I removed the reference to the mechanic.

Thanks @cdaquila ;

The question about the Tiburon makes sense.

The Question about the Corolla does not. All we know is that he replaced the radiator, and now he wants to know if we can use our Jedi minds to diagnose why he replaced it and if the mystery problem will return.

Maybe he blew the head gasket in both.