89 mazda dies riding down the road

My 89 323 will die about five minutes into a drive. When it sits for about ten minutes it is fine. I have replaced the fuel filter and have a new fuel pump on the way. Is there any thing else I should be looking at.

Did you have a fuel pressure test done before you ordered the pump?

The fuel pressure regulator may be at fault.

Try this the next time it dies and won’t restart: spray a SMALL amount of starting fluid in the throttle body.
If it fires up then quits, the lack of fuel pressure is the fault.

If it doesn’t, the fault MAY be a lack of spark.

Even if you fix it, maybe you should consider FCR. Full Car Replacement. Radiator, thermostat, catalytic converter, carburetor, computer, intake manifold gasket, fuel pump, battery terminals, bad grounds, ignition switch, alternator. You could start anywhere. Just don’t put any more money into it if the attempted repair doesn’t work.