88 Toyota pickup starter

I have an 88 Toyota standard 2WD pickup, 2.4 4cyl motor. I had the starter replaced about a year ago. Recently the truck would make a screeching sound when I start it. Then yesterday the starter would not engage. Thinking that something was frozen in the starter I took a hammer and gently tapped the starter and the truck not only started but the screeching sound was gone. This suggested to me that I had located the source of the problem.

I have tools and I want to either repair/replace the starter myself.

My questions: Is there a part in the starter that I might be able to replace without replacing the entire starter?

Assuming I have to replace the starter, it looks like a pretty simple task. I assume that I disconnect the battery, take off the bolts that are holding the starter in place, pull it out and put a new one in. Is there anything about this that I am missing or that would require an educated mechanic’s assistance?

Your procedure is correct and will work fine. The starter isn’t very old though and normally should have worked for lot longer. There may be a problem with it though and I would replace it with a remanufactured unit. Also check the ring gear that the starter connects to turn the engine and check for wear on it.

The only thought I have is that the mechanism in the starter that causes the drive gear to engage with the flywheel ring gear is not releasing when the engine starts. It could be broken, or it could be contaminated with sand or dirt or something that is causing it to stick. Once you have the old starter out check out the operation of that sliding gear mechanism. It might be something you can fix.

OK, thanks to both of you for the tips. Much appreciated!