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88 mustang issues

About a week ago a coolant hose burst in my car and sprayed pretty much everywhere. I replaced the hose and all was well (besides the smell of coolant every time I drove and belt squeak that stopped after a few hours) but after a day or two my battery voltage went down drastically and wouldn’t really go above 12-13ish volts, which was fine as long as I didn’t need to have more than one thing on at once. (headlights, blinkers). Fast forward to today, my volt meter shows that I’m around 15+ volts, my car keeps stalling, brake assist is gone, and there is an EXTREME loss of power to the point where it took me almost a full minute to accelerate to 40 (it wouldn’t go any faster.) I’m thinking the leak damaged something. What could it be?

2 issues. Do you have a cooling system issue? Yes hoses fail due to age but also over pressurization. How much coolant did you add? Have you checked level today? You need to get at least a cheap volt meter to check the alternator output. They are $20 at the home center

Take your car to a good independant mechanic.

Your voltage seems OK at 15V while driving, and extreme loss of power wouldn’t be related to battery voltage even if it was only 12. Have you cleaned the insides of the distributor? Is there a definite fat powerful spark when you try a grounded spark plug at the end of each plug wire?