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88 ford bronco distributers

i just wanted to know if you could take the shaft and brake it down into pices and interchange them?

You sure can. It’s one of the easier jobs you will ever do.

As I recall, a split pin holds the drive gear on, remove it, the shaft will slip out the top and not much to it after that…

how? please tell me cuzz my truck has been down for two days now

ok where is it located? do i punch it out or it’s like aallan wrench type of deal?

Use a drill bit of the proper size and use it as a drift. Grind off the “sharp” end and hammer on that. Notice that the hole is slightly offset, so the drive gear can only be installed one way. If you turn it 180 degrees, the pin will not go back in…Support the gear on a block of wood as you drive the pin out…

ok i did that now the bottom of the shaft that thing on the end does it have a c-clip to hold it their?