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87 Suzuki samurai heater

So I have an 87 Suzuki samurai and winter is almost unbearable because the heater is horrible. It barely blows out any heat at all you could probably sit next to me and blow hot breath on my face And it would Be more effective any suggestions for aftermarket Heater or to fix this one I have

Does the problem involve the temperature of the heater output, or is it the volume of air that is coming out of the vents?

If it is the former, you might consider the possibility that the heater core is blocked with rust, which would not be an unreasonable assumption after 26 years of use with…possibly…little maintenance to the cooling system. In this case, multiple flushings of the cooling system (with the heat control set to maximum) might be in order.

Another possibility is that the cooling system thermostat is stuck in the open position, thus causing the engine to run “cold” most of the time. This is something that can be remedied quickly and cheaply.

If the problem is a low volume of air coming out of the vents, then a weak blower motor and/or bad blower capacitor pack are likely to blame.

Normally, I would suggest going to a junk yard in order to obtain a replacement heater core and/or a replacement blower motor, but…after 26 years, it is very possible that few salvage parts are still available for this vehicle. You have to deal with the reality that this was a bare-bones, extremely cheap vehicle when it was new, and as a result, it was not designed for decades of use.

Perhaps someone else can chime-in on the issue of aftermarket equipment.

As VDCdriver mentioned, it’s unclear as to what is the nature of the problem. If it turns out the heater core should be replaced, aftermarket heater cores are available. A quick check of Rockauto shows two brands available for this Suzuki. See if the heater core is circulating coolant by feeling the inlet and outlet heater hoses for heat.