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Heater core?

a few months ago I rear ended someone, since then my heater has not worked. we changed the thermostat twice and still nothing. some tell me it may be vent not opening from hot to cold, but when I slide it I can hear it switching and notcie a difference in the amount of air blowing out so, I dont think thats it. well from what ive heard when the heater core goes out it leaks water onto the floor boards and thats not happening… can anyone tell me what this could be

There is usually a control that opens and closes flow to the heater core. The thermostat controls engine temperature and is not related to heat in the car. If your temperature gauge is ok, or idiot light is not going off you have a problem with the controls. Now if you give the make model and year of the car more information will probably come your way!

yeah sorry, thought about that after I posted it. its a 98 suzuki esteem. temp is fine, idiot lights been on since the accident.

Temp is on a gauge? What idiot lights?

its not over heating, ever. and the check engine light has been on since I got into the wreck. it does not tell me the “tempurature” of the car just between cold and hot. um sorry alot of the people that i know who know a lot about cars are stumped.

I wouldnt be worried about this for me. but I have a one and a half year old daughter and dont really like taking her places in cold weather with no heater

MOst modern vehicles do not have a valve in the heater core coolant circuit. There is, instead, a blend door that modulates air flow over the heater core.

That is important info, I am a dinosaur looking for points.