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87 Integra: Metalic or Ceramic brake pad?

I bought the pads at Pepboys when it was on sale - now the PB repair place tells me that its Metalic and they don’t like it that much as it can be noisy!

Should I get Ceramic?

Its 1987 Integra with 150k miles.

Since you already bought the parts, give it a try. Some semi-metallic pads can be noisy, but some ceramic pads can also be noisy. Generally, ceramic pads are quieter and leave a more subtle, beige colored dust rather than the black dust left by semi-metallic pads. The main cause of brake noise is installation, anyway. I put new brakes on my car several months ago. They failed when I was short on funds, and I installed the cheapest stuff I could find. I couldn’t believe the price on the brake pads I installed. They were six dollars, if I remember correctly. They have not made a sound since I installed them.

Pepboys is in the business of selling auto parts and services. If they can get you to buy more expensive parts, they stand to make more money. As I said, installation is a major factor in whether or not your brakes are going to make noise. This forum has seen a lot of stories about Pepboys service center, and none of them have been good so far. You may want to take the parts you already have to a reputable brake shop and have them installed by a legitimate, skilled brake technician. If a proper installation results in a level of brake noise you cannot tolerate, you may very well need ceramic pads.

Some videos:

Its also here:

I would use the standard factory-type brake pads. I doubt Honda specified ceramic pads in 1987.

Our 87 Accord specified Metalic pads. Ceramic pads will work, but I’ve found that OEM specific pads always work the best.