'86 MB 560 SL motor problem



This car routinely acts like it is not getting fuel, or has water in the fuel line or something like that, ONLY when I restart it after it has been sitting for an hour or two and is still warm. I have had it to the mechanic over and over and neither of us knows what the problem is. He has replaced god knows how much stuff in the engine, fuel feed, air mixture apparatus, all that. If I can get the car past those few minutes, when it seems like it’s going to quit running (but it doesn’t), then it runs fine. It starts up, always, and runs perfectly from cold. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


If the fuel system has been properly checked out I would then see if there is something going on with the power to the ignition system. There may be an intermittent connection to it and the heat is effecting it. There may be a vacuum leak causing this also.