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'86 Honda Civic parts?

The tailgate support struts on my mom’s 1986 Honda Civic have died. Mom is 91 years old and can’t lift that heavy tailgate now those two struts are shot. I I called Honda, and they don’t manufacture those struts anymore Is there a reasonably close matching support strut on the market I can buy that could be jury-rigged onto that tailgate?

You won’t have to rig anything. Exact replacements are sold at any auto parts store and you don’t have to change the screw in parts if you don’t want to. They’re easy.

I recently got a pair for my '86 Accord from this place: They went in very easily and work quite well, though I can’t comment on the long-term quality of them. They were quite a bit cheaper than the ones they had at the local autoparts store, and those didn’t have anything close to the correct mounting hardware.