86 caprice classic 305 alternator


i unplugged the 2 piece wire harness and tested the prong that the brown wire connects to on the alternator and it showed nothing, no sparks, and no power reading, i did the same test on a regal and a malibu and they both sparked and showed a reading they showed as a negitive. so with this being said i think the alternator is bad becouse the car is still dying. i also fixed the choke and changed the batter ends that connect to the batteries.

the battery light also did not come on with the other dash lights right before u start the car, my cousin has the same car as this one and his does come on with the others. any thoughts is it the alternator


pic of the harness


What is the voltage reading at the battery while the car is running?


Ok never mind…you decided to make multiple posts. Bad form.