"86 Caddy


"86 Caddy 5 litre hesitates or stalls out from dead start especially when cold. Fuel pump and carb solenoid have bee replaced.

butterfly on carb seems to be OK. What next?




My guess it is the … Gee it has been a long time since I … Ok I remember the accelerator pump.


Personally, I would avoid any carbureted vehicle made after 1981. Move up to a Northstar and improve your standard of living. It will be cheaper, in the long run, than messing with that old junk…

But if you MUST, and emissions tests are not a factor, find a 75-79 model Quadrajet (any GM car) and bolt it on and it should run fine…


Remove the top of the air cleaner. Operate the throttle lever by hand. You should see a squirt of gas in the carburetor bore whenver you move the throttle.

If not, the accelerator pump is on the fritz. Time for a carb rebuild or replacement.


If it is the accelerator pump, you can replace just the pump. A complete overhaul is probably not necessary. It will require taking the top off of the carb, but if you’re careful you won’t even have to replace the gasket.

Northstar? Have you ever priced replacing a starter on one of those darned things? You don’t want that job.