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85 Nissan 300ZX headlamps

When I turn on the headlights, I get no low beam on the left (driver side). But I do get a low beam on the right side. I get high beams for both lights. Other lights work okay.

I have replaced the bulb numerous times. I have checked and replaced the fuse. I swapped bulbs from the right to the left. None of this corrected the problem.

Do you know what would cause this?

check the condition of the plastic bulb sockets - especially the connectors. the metal contacts and structural integrity of the plastic socket itself in in components of this vintage are especially prone to failure. metal contacts may be corroded or thinned to the point where they no longer excert enough pressure to make consistemt contact. in sevearal of my vehiles of this age or younger i have had to resort to replacing the pigtails of all of the bulbs in the vehicle.

In addition to the above suggestions, check the wiring to the bulb socket, including ground connections.