84 Land Cruiser

I’ve replaced the carburetor and it stutters and stalls going up hill. Driving on level and downhill is fine. What to do?

What was it doing before you changed the carburetor? Was the carb new, used, or properly rebuilt?

Sort of the same thing. But when the rebuilt carb (I got it from a company in NH) was put in, it ran great. Now it’s the 3rd car and doesn’t get driven much. It just started stuttering last week. It stalled yesterday and today (only going up hill). Thanks

How often is it driven, and how long ago did you last add any gasoline? It sounds like the carb is gummed up or mis-adjusted. Hard to tell without looking at it.

You did not state how much sitting this vehicle does but condensation can form inside the gas tank.
Over time the water in the tank will gradually accumulate in the carburetor float bowl.

It’s possible there is a small amount of water in there and when you’re going uphill the water (which settles on the bottom of the float bowl) could be sloshing backwards onto the main jets.
Once water hits them the engine can sputter and stall.

Another possibility could be a clogged fuel filter (should have been changed with the carb), failing fuel pump, or improperly adjusted float level in the carb (too low).
On the assumption it’s moisture related add a gas line drier or additive such as SeaFoam and see if the problem clears up.

Well I Have The same problem on a 1983 toyota fj60 I do have my post of the the problem. On the page fj60 problem it also has a video of my truck that has the problem.