84 jaguar v12 need help! Raw fuel in exhaust and air cleaner

I have an 84 xjs v12. It’s dumping raw fuel into the exhaust and getting the air filter wet with fuel on the drivers side only. It’s also smoking out the exhaust real bad on that side as well. I need some help as to where to start to fix the problem. I just got the car and the alternator seems to not be working could a weak battery cause this or is it something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan

There may be a problem with the fuel pressure regulator. I assume it is fuel injected. There could also be a leaky injector.

This is a lot bigger problem than an out of whack alternator.

Does this car have fuel injection or is it carb’ed? Either way, there is a MAJOR fuel leak somewhere, probably in the fuel delivery system, like a stuck wide-open fuel injector(s) or a carb that seriously needs rebuilding, and is leaking BADLY. Weak battery or alternator has nothing to do with it.

Sounds like a bad carb, the secondary is stuck open. Check the carbs. The fuel in the air filter could be a bad tune up. Your spark order is messed up. What has been done on this car? Forget the alternator your issue is in the basic wiring or carb.

Pretty sure this is fuel injected:

These engines are known for gas leakes leading to engine fires. You need to get this fixed or suffer the consequences. You either need to be an accomplished Jaguar mechanic (and wouldn’t be asking this question) or need to find one, along with a pretty good stack of money. It’s a hobby car, right?

Looks like a fuel injector rail to me. I agree with comment #5. You could leave it alone if you like to experience the excitement you would feel from an engine fire. Jaguar is a car with may edearing features, including those where the major components operate on a parttime basis only and sundry parts fall off at random times. I would caution you to expect to supply great ministrations of money during your affair with the Jag.


OK, here’s an odd question for you nutty. Does the engine seem to run strong on all 12 cylinders all the time?

Never mind. I just looked at the picture.

We think we narrowed it down to a fuel injector problem. The car was free and were trying to figure out if it’s worth putting money into or not it only has 64k on it and could possibly be a decent car after some tlc.

Understand (now you know why it was free). To really tell how much it’ll cost to get this car safe and in running condition you’ll need to have a good Jaguar mechanic look it over. We can’t tell from here what all might be needed, you could spend hundreds on the first problem, then have other, multi-thousand $$ problems crop up. These are extremely complicated and unreliable cars that are not at all easy to fix. Sorry…

p.s. - often there are rubber parts to the fuel injection system that deteriorate and leak, and they can be beneath that ‘rats nest’ of pipes, hoses, and manifolds you see in the picture. So fixing a $100 part could take many $100 of labor…

You could not pick a worse car for a fuel problem than the one you have. You really need to find a local Jaguar expert. I hope you are on the west coast, because it is going to be difficult to fine one in other areas.

Good Luck